26 things that happen on the other side of 25


1 – Too many people around you are married.

2 – Nobody asks you what college you are in, anymore. You look older.

3 – That college chick in the mini-skirt doesn’t look sexy anymore. She looks like a kid.

4 – You are horrified that college kids are already drinking with their other kid friends at only 18!

5 – 18 year olds have started calling you Uncle.

6 – You thought you couldn’t grow any new hair on the body after 20. You realise you were wrong.

7 – You thought that the body you had at 22 was going to stay with you forever. It is still with you, but with a little extra paunch.

8 – Sports can no longer be indulged in without the preparatory warm-up.

9 – Carpal tunnel and spondylitis have started looking more real.

10 – Those 20 hour long sleep sessions that used to be once-a-week? The last one I think was 3 months ago.

11 – 8am actually seems late when you automatically get up at 6am everyday! No matter what time you sleep.

12 – Women in your friend list have become symbiotic organisms. Every social media post starts with, “Me and (spouse name) wish/think/congratulate…”

13 – Parties, road trips, dates no longer have the same zing and colour that they had at 21.

14 – The learning curve of the new phone is noticeably steeper. Yet, your younger siblings seem to take to it like monkeys to trees.

15 – Winning an fb argument or getting a friend request doesn’t light up the reward areas of the brain anymore.

16 – Relationships become functional. Hurt becomes the given. Happiness becomes the bonus. Total flip from 5 years ago.

17 – Personal and professional merge. That promise to yourself to not use friends for work? Guess what. Friends are now because of work.

18 – School friends, college friends, colony friends all have their own lives now. Meeting them becomes rarer but sweeter.

19 – You actually miss your teachers from school and college. Especially the ones that took the time to give you a hard time.

20 – You understand why family is so important. It is the only thing that remains constant while everything else changes.

21 – Making money takes up all of your time. But if that was taken away, there is nothing else to do.

22 – Your superb skin you had after college? It has a become a whole new palette. Age marks are real and now.

23 – You don’t feel like using your writing/art from days gone by. It seems like plagiarising from someone else.

24 – You realise you no longer are ok with shady hotels, cheap motels and plastic cups for alcohol. It comes as a shock.

25 – Your dreams and ideals become a luxury to indulge in when you have the time. You try and pass some of them onto the next generation.

26 – You realise that the world has changed a lot since you were a kid. You feel grown up not because of your paunch, your beard, your marriage, your promotion. You feel old because you no longer relate to the younger ones.


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