Playing Secret Elf


This post might seem out of character. But, about a week ago, I came across this super thing of playing a sort of secret santa for blog reviews. I came across this post on an fb group and I really liked the idea! I was a little late in submitting my proposal because I had come across the idea late! I swear! But, the kind ladies accepted it and here is my secret review!

My secret review blog Ramblings Only is a blog EXACTLY unlike mine. Let me list out why:

1 – It is awesome. Because one moment you start reading it and the next you suddenly realise you have spent hours on it. And while it may suck for you because you wasted time on it that you could have rather spent watching cat videos on youtube, it is major points for the blog.

2 – It is effortless. Or at least it seems so. I am sure, the early bits or bits after the rare breaks must be difficult.

3 – It is regular. The blogger writes everyday! EVERYDAY! The thought itself slightly exhausts me, but I can see how it has become a habit for the blogger. The blog is not about her life anymore, it is part of her life. At least, that is the feel I got.

4 – It is a long-lived blog. The last post on it is yesterday. The first post on it is from August 2006. *Straight faced smiley* *Bow down respect*

5 – It is a story. Mostly, the blog is about inane, daily stuff sprinkled with special things that have happened in the blogger’s life – like moving abroad, birth of a child, school, new jobs, vacation, etc. But, since it has been going on for so long, it paints a very vivid picture of a life removed from your own, but painfully real. In fact, it seems so real, it seems like someone wove a story just so you could read it.

6 – It is personal. Another thing I felt about the blog was, it really is a daily diary. While it is online and open for everyone to read, the posts are not reader oriented as much as a vent for the author. I think, that makes the posts that much more honest, easier to relate to and definitely moving.

Frankly, the only area of improvement I could force myself to mention would be the grey tone of the blog that can put away a new reader. But then again, like I said, this blog is more of a daily diary than a public channel. At the same time, the grey makes longer reading sessions easier.

Another thing I would personally like to see is a larger collection of photos. The ones there right now are good. They make me want to see more. Maybe the blogger needs to revive her flickr account or move to Picasa and post the photos on the blog?

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