Aston Ambani Accident, Sec 377, Spine Of The Congress


Warning: If you feel disturbed after reading this article, that is your responsibility. If you do not like opinions that do not match your own, leave now. If you continue to read, you may not put the blame of being upset on the author having an opinion you don’t like.

Much has been said about the first two incidents and not much about the third. Since much has been said about the first two, I will try to be brief about them, but do not take that as a guarantee.

Aston Ambani Accident:

A few days ago, there was news of a mysterious, yet obviously high profile accident at one of Mumbai’s primest areas, the Peddar Road. An Aston Martin (a British super-luxury car brand, famously used by the James Bond franchise) rammed into an Audi (a German semi-luxury/race brand) and a Hyundai Elantra (a Korean cheap-luxury brand). A superbly mangled Aston Martin had no driver when the accident was spotted. Yet, the next day, one Bansilal Joshi turned himself in, claiming he was afraid of being lynched by a mob hence he ran away when the accident took place. Turns out, there were witnesses who say that it was Akash Ambani, son of India’s biggest business tycoon and owner of Antilla, India’s ugliest residential tower. The car was registered to Reliance corp and Mr.Joshi who turned himself in, is also a Reliance employee. You can read a conjecture story here.

There is outcry over Mukesh Ambani shielding his son from the accident. Most news channels are routinely influenced by the company and by Mukesh Ambani personally. So, this news was also blacked out from the media. Also, Mr.Joshi, allegedly is being made the scape goat to get Akash out of the clutches of the law. Social media is crying itself hoarse about Akash Ambani getting off because he is the son of a wealthy and influential person. Two people were killed in this accident.

My grouse with the social media toting indifferent middle class is this: If your child/relative was involved in an accident, wouldn’t you go to great lengths to minimise the consequences of the accident on your family? Would you not try to bribe the policemen a little, try to see what you can manage in court? Would you not try to manage the people who suffered damage to self and belongings?

The only difference would be how big an accident you will be able to shove under the carpet. Akash and Salman might get away with killing people, you might manage getting away with injured people or maybe damage to public & private property. What irks me about the middle class is they consider their inability to manage the system and lack of influence as moral victories over the richer classes. No, you pathetic dweebs. You are worse than the rich. The rich at least have earned or inherited their resources to shield themselves from the consequences of some of their mistakes. You cry foul because you cannot commit one yourself without getting caught. Your intentions are not nobler. You just don’t have a gate-pass out of hell which you think is unfair.

Does this mean what Mukesh Ambani is doing is right? Not at all! But what would you expect from your father if you knocked down a bicycle wala while driving your vehicle?

My problem is, if a Peddar Road accident could total the car so much, how did James Bond ever manage to go through an entire film with it? A rickshaw could probably do better!

My problem is, if a Peddar Road accident could total the car so much, how did James Bond ever manage to go through an entire film with it? A rickshaw could probably do better!

Sec 377:

Much has been said about the apparent decriminalisation and then the recriminalisation of queer sex in recent days. All of us now know that Sec 377 of the Indian Penal Code (Penal has nothing to do with the penis and everything to do with criminal punishment) prohibits “voluntarily having carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal.”

I do not support gay rights. I simply support the right of any person to choose any form of private life that does not harm other individuals or society. Hence, I do not support the international banking industry and Monsanto. Because the actions of each individual involved with them, however seemingly innocuous, are eating away into the social fabric much like Coke erodes teeth enamel, slowly, over a period of time without allowing you to blame any one bottle of coke for it.

But, then, this is the same argument used by the homophobic society against gay sex. They think gay sex is the coke that is eroding the enamel of society, one ass crack at a time.

Wherein my problem starts.

1 – What is with the current crop of Hindu conservatives? They are in essence Victorian Christian conservatives in saffron clothing. HELLO! Stop spouting Testament morals as Hindu morals! Super HELLO! What is wrong with you!??? Not only homophobia, but a lot of supposedly Hindu behaviours and morals are remnants of early influence of Jew, Christian and Muslim morals on the Indian society. Hindu leaders need to know Hinduism and stop confusing conservatism with Hinduism. We have been one of the most liberal societies of the world, because we accepted a lot of things that the then western societies could not. Stop talking of imported morals as your own. You saffron wearing idiots, you have too much western influence.

2 – You protesting liberals. You need to stop aping the west. Seriously. Please look at your own problems in your own ways and find your own solutions for it. I am downright scared each time the urban yuppy crowd picks up an issue and tries to solve it. Because mostly, their “solutions” involve looking up on the internet what white people in predominantly white societies have done. They then label their problems as the same and try to copy paste solutions. Case in point: Slut Walk. To begin with, could we stop calling the LGBT crowd Queer? Could we invent a word of our own? Possibly in a language of our own? Even a cucumber wielding lonely house-wife is queer by most standards.

3 – Let us accept gay sex is unnatural in the form that sex is for reproduction and that gay sex does not lead to offsprings. Let us accept the argument and move on. Arguing against this argument is stupid. Build on this argument rather. If sex is for reproduction, all contraceptives are against this law of nature and should be banned. Let us protest for banning of condoms, copper T and the morning after pills. Like seriously, inserting a metal piece inside the body so that people can have sex for the express purpose of not reproducing is slightly obviously unnatural. Let us protest against the fact that if food is for sustenance, why do we need fine dining places? Nature doesn’t build finedines. We do. As such, they are supremely unnatural. Protest against the pizza and the chicken tikka. And last but not the least, protest against Sachin Tendulkar. You don’t get any more unnatural than that. Sachin! Sachin!

There is nothing wrong in selecting another culture's symbols as your own. But, at least choose something that will be understood by those who you are fighting against! Idiots!

There is nothing wrong in selecting another culture’s symbols as your own. But, at least choose something that will be understood by those who you are fighting against! Idiots!

The Congress just grew a Spine!:

It is rare to see the post Indira Gandhi Congress party stand up to America. From Rajiv Gandhi’s government that buckled to American pressure to criminalise marijuana in 1985 (yes, it is that recent) to allowing Monsanto into the country, the Congress has played a smiling ass wipe on more occasions than one. Till the recent Devyani Khobragade case of diplomatic undiplomacy. Part of the Indian embassy in the US, Devyani was cavity searched (yes, that.) for allegations about underpaying household help. No, you cannot get your boss cavity searched because you think your salary is too low. But, finally, the Congress has shown some spine in standing up to the US and taking away the privileges of their embassy officials because of what they did to one of us. The US is used to excessive privileges from the rest of the world and of playing a bully and hopefully, this episode sets a precedent; because we are not a predominantly Muslim, oil producing country that needs to be ripped apart by installing psuedo-democracy and hence won’t be directly attacked by the US. Of course, they will try strong arming us for other things, but considering the Congress has lower chances of winning the next general elections, the US is likely to take this one quietly.

Go Devyani go!

Disclaimer: If you do not agree with my views on anything, that is not my problem. If you think any point of view apart from your own is wrong, that is not my problem. If you are very disturbed after reading this article, that is not my problem. And don’t you have a real job? Why are you randomly browsing articles anyways? Plus, didn’t you read the warning?

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17 thoughts on “Aston Ambani Accident, Sec 377, Spine Of The Congress

  1. The part about accepting the fact that gay sex is indeed unnatural is especially spot on. Too many liberals or activists get riled up over arguing it. Your point is well taken. And yes a much stronger way of arguing would be to just ask by the same standards to ban condoms and for that matter strong antibiotics or organ transplants – since those too are unnatural.

    I will admit I grimaced hard at the >>you pathetic dweebs. You are worse than the rich<< swipe. It was a bit too raw. Although I kinda see the point you are making there. But I think it's only human nature to cry foul at an opponent's fault while shifting the goal-posts for your own. That self-serving tunnel-vision hypocrisy embedded deeply at the core of the human psyche.

    All said and done, this post was like the Joker scenes from the Dark Knight. I chucked at some, I cringed at others. But overall there was a consistent exposition of hypocrisy of everyone! 😀

  2. Brilliant writing…don’t-give-a-damn and straight up. Agreed. Agreed. On the third one don’t you think Cong only found its spine coz 2014 they are expecting a terminal disease and this was a preventive measure?

    Hoping over from blogwatig….so glad I did.

  3. Dagny

    I just read your views on the Akash Ambani disaster and I am an unabashed fan.

    Your pithy comments about the middle class- expressed with endearing forthrightness- have won my loyalty. There is nothing I like better than to have a few common folk’s blunt noses put out of joint. Blessed hypocritical ignoramuses!

    Your comment about the saffron clad morons being too much under western influence made me grin my saintly grin.

    You are refreshingly opinionated. I likes. Just came over from BlogwatiG’s review of your blog. She has more than done you justice. Bravo!


    • Anish Vyavahare

      You flatter me now! Thanks for the review on my post! Yes, having an opinion seems to be out of fashion now a days. But I think, that is the only one thing we have as human individuals.

      • Dagny

        I don’t flatter. I see no point in it.

        But yes, I praise unstintingly. To most people, that kind of unreserved praise and appreciation is so rare that they confuse it with flattery. I don’t blame you but isn’t that a sad commentary on the environment we live in? 🙂

      • Anish Vyavahare

        Social commentary is always cynical… We don’t comment on society unless we are disappointed with it. But yes, the world could do with more honest praise 🙂

  4. I was very impressed with Aston piece. I too, after overhearing a group talk, felt how brutal can common people be and randomly judge the haves, on something that would be a natural human reaction to protect themselves or their loved ones. On after thought I felt, such incidents in their eyes are fall of greatness which common people had bestowed them with for achieving something in life that they could not. Maybe it is a struggle of a middle class person to accept that people with power who acknowledge, at times even claim the greatness are actually small like them.

    • Anish Vyavahare

      Hey, thanks! 🙂

      I think your observation is spot on. We, as common people expect money-back on all the adulation that we heaped on our celebrities. So when they also act ‘human’ we want our money back.

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